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Discover how green home heating works for homes like yours. Hear directly from heat pump owners in your area and get first-hand experience of things you can’t find online.

Find a heat pump near you

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Help make the UK's home heating cleaner and greener by sharing your experience of the benefits of a heat pump. As a heat pump owner you can provide insights that no-one else can.

A heat pump owner standing next to their heat pump on a rooftop in London

Visit a heat pump near you

Our service to helps people experience a heat pump near to them is launching soon. Visit a heat pump enables volunteer hosts to easily help local people experience and learn about heat pumps.

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Throughout 2024, we are scaling up and building a network of hosts and visitors across the UK.

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We're working in partnership with homeowners, local authorities, community energy groups, installers, manufacturers, consumer organisations and many others across the UK to deliver this service.

Please get in touch if you'd like to explore how you can contribute, or how we can make this work better for you.

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A heat pump being installed at a home in Glasgow

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